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to turn your proposed route into a flight plan, simply click the dash button to the left of the fly at line and begin entering your waypoints. some people may want to add waypoints to the fms program page before proceeding, but this can be accomplished by pressing the button to the right of the dash button and then pressing the enter key. any waypoints can be added at this time, but keep in mind that they will only be added after you program the entirety of the route. therefore, if you change your mind or decide you want to change your aircraft from n300ea to leap, you must first go back to the last program page and click the tab for that segment, press enter, and then change the aircraft type.

you can either use the full page navigation bar on the left hand side of the video above, or scroll through the waypoints by pressing the dash button on the fms, which will cause a new segment to pop up with the corresponding waypoint highlighted. the fms will take care of the rest for you and provide the current position and heading of the aircraft automatically.

the flight model tab controls the taxi/takeoff/landing model. the wings tab is used to select the wing you are flying from. the settings tab has two sets of sliders, one for the exterior and interior yaw models. (these are most likely unnecessary for an exterior mount.) for right now, you’ll leave them in the defaults. the thrust tab allows you to select which hardware components you want to use. you can select between the default fixed thrust model or a hardware-accelerated model (but the hardware accelerator is not included in the dvd).

longines has taken its spirituality inspiration to a new level with a watch that is truly one-of-a-kind. themed with the mandala and symbolizing eternity, the longines spirit zulu time collection balances the spiritual and emotional connection of the wearer with the watch. although not meant as a religious offering, the watch offers a thoughtful meditation and a unique perspective. its the first time the brand has offered a gmt version of any of its watches and the new longines spirit zulu time collection is perfect for anyone looking for a watch with a rich aviation history that offers a serene moment to reflect and be inspired. it symbolizes the first flight of an airplane and the light of his presence.
although the current reaction of the carousels is built in, for advanced users to calibrate their own carousels you can see the filter curve for each axis in the menu below the carousel settings. all filtering can be tailored to whatever model is desired using smooth filter curves that simulate how the carousel will feel under different drive speeds. remember, “smooth” does not mean “slow” – this is simulated behavior.
the most important one for controlling the filters are the smooth filter curves. these provide a smooth response for the carousel that will be almost impossible to notice when you are driving at 1.6mph. they also allow you to set the conditions for them to work. for example, some carousels will only react as the aircraft angle gets to a certain point. others will only work when the throttle is put to the “center” position, with the other carousel settings the same. we recommend trying to ride through a simulated fast turn without touching the throttle – you will feel the effect of the carousel reacting only when you have come to a full stop.