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valve hammer editor (vhed) is a 3d physics editor for source games which allows users to create level editors for half-life or half-life 2. it is also used to create new half-life content and is included on all half-life games produced by valve. it is available in english, german, french, italian, spanish, czech, and dutch.

after the popularity of source engine by valve, support for hammer was added to the gamebryo engine used to build half-life 2 in 2002 (and later also added for some source games). many other users have created third-party and fan-made tools that allow editing of the game’s maps with this engine.

on its release, steam implemented a feature called ‘ steam community market ‘ (scm) or just ‘steam community market’ (scm), which allows users to sell items and accessories outside of steam. vhed was one of the first tools to utilize this. on the steam version of vhed, this feature is called ‘ steam community market (scm) ‘ or simply ‘scm’. scm was added to the steam version in the summer of 2004. this feature was also the original name for the user-made content marketplace in the half-life 2 mod rising tides (a level editor for half-life 2), the first tool to make use of the new technology, and remained a significant part of the mod’s success.

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