Rogue One: A Star Wars Story _BEST_ Full Movie Download In 1080pl

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story _BEST_ Full Movie Download In 1080pl


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Full Movie Download In 1080pl

the disc also comes with a “galactic connections” collectible guide. this isn’t a full-on guide to the galaxy, but it’s got some neat stuff on it, including a map of the galaxy, brief bios of some of the characters, and some trivia about the movies. i will say that this is a pretty good addition to the disc, and is one of the more interesting extras on this disc.

at just over two hours, rogue one: a star wars story is an impressive movie. despite having a somewhat confusing origin story involving multiple factions on different planets, the story is action packed, well-paced, and definitely keeps its attention – even when it would have been easy to stray. while it’s not a perfect film, it’s an excellent addition to the star wars legacy, and i have no doubt disney will put the final touches on a sequel before long.

rogue one takes us to a galaxy far, far away. i think it’s safe to say i’m in the minority on this one, but i’m a huge star wars fan, and just couldn’t be happier to see this new chapter in the epic saga – especially in this new, visually stunning format. the special effects were fantastic, although some of the more elaborate ones could have been a bit more controlled, especially during the melee scenes. music was spot on, and the score fits the action very well.

disney/lucasfilm chose a decent dynamic range in this transfer, and it looks gorgeous. i’m happy to say that the film’s colors are well-represented, and its flesh tones are a little warmer than i’m used to seeing on dvd. the reddish tones seen in more light-toned areas of the film (such as at the rebel base) are very strong, though. unlike the blu-rays that came out of disney’s previous star wars films, rogue one does not have a lot of the subtle green tinting to those colors, so they look slightly brighter and more saturated here. i’m also happy to see that blacks are strong and deep. they’re less deep than what we’re used to seeing with blu-ray, but it’s not a bad thing, and it helps the image pop, even when darkness is involved. this movie really does look fantastic on blu-ray.

the dts-hd master audio 5.1 track was also pretty good, providing some nice lfe in a few select scenes. for example, you could hear the feet of the stormtroopers running as they made their way down to the death star’s reactor room, and you could hear the blaster fire of the rebel soldiers when they were trying to blast their way through the imperial blockade. i also felt that the dialogue was very clear and distinct, and i didn’t have any trouble hearing what jyn and the others were saying. i think this track works very well for the movie itself.
all of the supplements on this disc are included on the blu-ray version, but for those of you who are going to purchase the combo pack, the release of the movie on disc 3 adds a bunch of bonus features. most notably is the audio commentary with writer-director gareth edwards and screenwriter chris weitz, where they discuss the movie’s creation and the challenges they faced as both a new director and writer. you also get a look at the design process, how they approached creating the look of the movie, and you can learn more about the famous sound effects of the film, including the sound of the at-ats and k-2so, plus a commentary with visual effects supervisor john knoll and sound designer ben burtt. you also get a making of documentary, which features interviews with several members of the cast and crew.
finally, we have a nice collection of featurettes on the disc. there are two featurettes that look at the design of the movie itself, which includes the locations used for filming, the design of the death star, and the action sequences. the other three featurettes are brief look at some of the cast and crew, including an interview with felicity jones, the actress who plays rebel spy jyn erso.