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Next Generation team building events strive to break down that corporate barrier between yourself and your co-workers. No matter the industry, this type of team building is perfect for any company. Our Events and Training team will build you an event customized to fit your needs and budget, including team building games and competitions, team building exercises, role-playing, and more. Need something specific? We can help you come up with a custom solution.

The idea of next-gen team building events is to use business-as-usual, clichéd, or potentially negative aspects of a company (think: blank walls) to create a memorable experience for the team. For example, if your team gathers at a ballroom that has gray walls and a non-descript ceiling, painting it a bright pink color can be the perfect way to break the ice. Embrace the cliché as a sign of corporate unacceptability!

The reasoning behind team building events is to break down that wall between employees and the company they work for. At Next Generation company days you can do just that by having participants stay in the outer area and meet and mingle with one another while you have a more formal program in the center. Team building games like escapades and scavenger hunts provide an excellent opportunity for participants to get to know one another better. Group activities and outings will get everyone out of the office and will help to build trust and generate camaraderie.

The next time youre thinking about inviting a friend or co-worker for a drink, consider stopping by and seeing what kind of mischief he or she can get into. You can always get your team together for a movie night (or even take in the game), but what better way to see how your relationships are really going than to get everyone in a room and see who will back out. Maybe the person you thought could handle it will crack. But now you know for next time.

We Have A Question is a game that breeds familiarity within groups. At the end of a team meeting, assign one of your team members the task of coming up with a thoughtful question for your next group get-together. When your team convenes again, have that employee ask his coworkers the question he came up with. As team members answer the question, in turn, theyll get to know each other that much better, which can be great for team bonding.
Thanks to the inventive minds of our specialists, your corporate event can make even the most intimate occasion at the office into a great team-building experience. Let us put together a custom-built assignment for your next team building event. Contact us today to get more info about our co-branded activities for your next corporate event!
Looking for something to eat? then an escape room is your best bet. The escape rooms at Three Cap Madness have over 100,000 sqft of space and has a connection to the game, Three Cap, where youll be performing an amazing escape. All the rooms are outfitted with props from the show and are designed to match the escape game. To make things even more exciting, your team has to find clues, crack clues, and complete puzzles as you make your way to a final showdown. youll be testing your teams wits, teamwork, memory, and problem-solving skills as you complete the puzzles and escape the room. Combine this with free parking and time at the pool and youve found yourself the ultimate escape room. There are five different rooms for each game. Most escape games are for a group of 7-16 people and can last an hour or more.