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Once Upon A Time Complete Season 1 720p HDTV X264-DIMENSION

in once upon a time in china i, the epic sequel to tsui hark’s once upon a time in china, jet li returns to the role of wong fei-hung (with the dynamic donnie yen back as his nemesis) as a fully realized and nuanced presence in the history of the china of the 1880s. fu manchu is dead, but his followers remain and plot further mayhem, only to be stopped in turn by a “new-style” martial art master, wong fei-hung.

jet li returns as the no-nonsense antihero wong fei-hung in this final installment of the popular sci-fi thriller trilogy. highlighting the two-hand classic kung-fu style of chen shaohong, the film offers a stellar showcase of such classic chinese fighters as liu yifei, zhang ziyi, huang xiaoming, and zhou dongyu. returning to the genre with a vengeance, the final chapter in the series draws together all the best elements of its predecessors, including the breathtaking martial-arts action, high-tech science fiction, and the beloved characters.

killer, action, martial-arts and comedy – all of this is together with chinese martial-arts star jet li and international legend donnie yen in this highly anticipated return of the international hit series.

winner of the 2007 golden lotus award for best producer and best director, hong kong action auteur tsui hark worked with jet li to bring the box office smash hero to the silver screen. this time, jet li and jet li team up again for a tale of international intrigue in which wong fei-hung is caught up in a plot by the mysterious white lotus sect, a vicious terrorist group determined to bring about world chaos and martyrdom. li boasts one of his most acrobatic turns as a master of the double and single stick weapons, and yen plays wongs nemesis, a would-be assassin whose vision of patriotism renders him a homicidal maniac. the action sequence that features the titular hero battling his nemesis over the course of three buildings and an entire city is quite possibly the most exhilarating exchange of blows ever seen on screen.

shot-on-location istanbul movie set, gliding down the ghodsundere river (a tributary of the yeşilırmak river), through the backwater of the ‘s megalopolis, and over an aqueduct that looks like a piece of postwar concrete’. a motley crew include a newly unemployed engineer looking for a job, a surveyor, who gets arrested for trespass, a turkish-persian girl with a brother who likes to wear ‘goofy clothes’, a driver with a bad driving record, and a first-timer from australia.
the series revolves around a group of people who all live in a town called the hundred acre wood. the group consist of: a red-headed troll, a small green creature, a clumsy blue-winged bird, a brassy hedgehog, a sarcastic sheep with a long-bow, an aggressive porcupine, a big-nosed cat and the three children of the local timber merchant. together they make up the ‘wood family’. their lives are about as good as they can be in the kingdom of gulliver. as they try to make the best of things, they manage to have adventures and to learn some lessons. they are always on the lookout for adventure, and the littluns always follow their friends wherever they go.
all of these characters are extremely well-written, with a great depth of character. in many of the episodes they were the only characters, and their conversations were so engaging, i actually found myself laughing aloud many times. the most memorable aspect of once upon a time is the characters, and their interactions. the episodes are just as interesting as the ones featuring the characters’ adventures.
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