Moribito Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit Torrent [2021] ✋


Moribito Guardian Of The Sacred Spirit Torrent

for both balsa and chagum, kanbal is a city filled with curious people and beautiful things. there, balsa learns a bit about the prince, as well as some of the background history of the country. among other things, she meets chagum s brother, who takes her in as a guest, for the sole purpose of making sure that she respects the rules of his household, where women are only to be seen. most of the time, she sneaks away when the prince is not looking, but for once, balsa is the one who is forced to remain hidden. little does she know that one of the people in his group is not quite as kind as he looks. instead, he is a merciless killer.

moribito: guardian of the spirit is a gift from the gods who protect humanity. there will always be questions, and they are allowed to make their own conclusions. a being made of ancient energy that floats in the middle of the ocean like a moribito spirit. it was created to protect humanity. someone managed to hold a dark power and break the deal. to this day, a remaining moribito floats in the middle of the ocean and waits for an intrepid woman who holds the power to kill it!

from the start, this show set out to explore the relationship between different cultures, and how it affects and changes the characters involved. the basic format of the story is that a group of people are sent into a new land, but at the same time, they are influenced by the society in the new land and by the culture they find themselves in. if anyone from that society has the ability to understand, they will be able to sense it and try to find a way to understand it, and this mainly affects the character.

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once balsa leaves, the queen reveals to the mikado that this was all a ploy to fool her into sacrificing herself in an attempt to inherit the throne after her own death, because the king was actually wanted dead and secretly remained the homicidal emperor of the land.
the mikado, shown wearing a white robe, wearing a crown ( which was actually an upside down fork) called the chako.facing full on having just realized her entire life has been a lie and that her life is probably going to be ended very soon, balsa faces this fork in the road.
raising himself from his death bed, he asks her why she had been trying to prove herself. she is stunned into silence and can only look on as she is dragged off. but the spirit of the lord of the underworld wants her to return to him. left to her own devices, she takes the fork and goes right to the spirit of the aquatic demon. but they’re a lot more complex than the meisou who were just evil and corrupt. this demon is the soul of the lake and he wants her to show that she is worthy of being the guardian of the spirit. “since i was just a little girl, i always dreamed of being able to return home,” balsa says as she attacks and submits to this demon. the next thing she knows, she is back at the palace, and the great battle is still raging.