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the game is set in the beat ’em up genre, with 2d side-scrolling gameplay. players create a character by making choices in their appearance, resulting in one of sixteen different variations. while the single-player mode consists of eight chapters, containing several fights with different enemies and different stages, the modes such as versus and tag team have online multiplayer over the internet. characters are unlocked as the player wins fights, and players can customize their gear with items collected during battle.

the gameplay in street fighter iv is characterized by the addition of several new features, and the action is distinguished by flashy combos, special moves, and a wider variety of moves performed by each character.

street fighter iv takes place in the japanese prefecture of itagaki in a fictitious timeline of the world war iii, in which the united states of america and the main antagonist of the story, the shadaloo empire, are warring with each other. the player assumes the role of the character ryu, a master of the martial arts who has just come back to japan from an overseas mission to find the whereabouts of his brother ken. having received word of ken’s disappearance, he is determined to return to america to find him and defeat shadaloo. the other characters are characters who have also come back to japan from overseas missions. these characters include ken’s friend kenpachi, his elder brother gen, mike haggar (mayor of the city of new york), and others.

street fighter iv has a stronger focus on storytelling than previous titles in the series. aside from the opening story movies, the scenario also involves the player’s fights with other characters in the story, and is accompanied by the use of voice actors, including the legendary voices of the nolan north , jim crow and many other voice actors. this new direction in storytelling and the addition of many dialogues to the gameplay are considered the highlights of the title, and have been praised by the magazine famitsu. the game’s focus on storytelling has also influenced its popularity in japan, and has gained it recognition both at home and abroad.

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the city can be attacked by towers. the goal is to destroy the enemy’s towers. the game is a real-time strategy in the style of xcom. you can take and use any attack you have on the enemy. you need a good strategy for him to win.
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