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iqbal is a busy man. a father to three children, a husband, and a successful business owner, he manages his life as best he can. he is very simple, down to earth, and a genuine kindhearted person. while one might assume that his life is full of stress, one would be wrong. as the story progresses, iqbal finds himself in an emotional struggle with himself as he unravels the truth of his past. he is torn between his desire to help others, and his need to live with a sense of regret for what he has done in the past. it is clear that his regret will not allow him to move forward and live a normal life, and ultimately cause him to lose his family and destroy his home. he will need to decide if he will make a stand for himself and his family or let the past destroy him.
dr.iqbal is a fictional character on the tv series dr.iqbal. played by shayan munir, the character was created by writer jug suraiya and executive producer and showrunner salaam ahmed. he is a pakistani psychiatrist and the head of a mental hospital. he was born on 15 november 1952 in mianwali, pakistan. dr.iqbal, also known by his initials d.i., has three children and is married to reema.
after some time, his family, consisting of his wife, two children, and son-in-law, move to new york city to pursue their education. unfortunately for dr.iqbal, there is no school in new york with facilities that can accommodate his children.
dr.iqbal begins working at a primary school, the location of which is known to his family only as the “building with the green door”. however, he quickly learns the other side of the building, which belongs to the secret government organization known as the department of social responsibility. once there, he becomes involved in cases involving children and other refugees. he also encounters a young girl named iris, who becomes his patient and eventually his love interest.