Sean Kingston, Tomorrow UPD Full Album Z 🔘

Sean Kingston, Tomorrow UPD Full Album Z 🔘

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Sean Kingston, Tomorrow Full Album Z

the singles were followed up by another single, on the floor, featuring bieber, which went to #10 in the us. the album itself peaked at #8 on the billboard hot 200. three years later, kingston released his next album, originality, and it was the first time since his tomorrow album that he had not put a feature on a single. instead, it was entirely up to him. unfortunately, it wasnt a good decision as he released two mediocre singles, i deserve you and jump on it, and the album was not as successful. kingston is still working on his new album, and hopes to release it before the end of the year.

so who is kingston working with to help him achieve his goals? well, he is still working with dr. dre and in march, he hinted that he was looking for a female vocalist for the new album. other than that, theres no information on who else he is working with.

with his last three albums all doing reasonably well, i think kingston has a chance of making it big this time around. i am especially interested in who he is working with and when the album is going to be released.

sean kingston is a country, a pop, and a reggae artist, and that was always going to be the case. kingston has a country-esque persona and a country-like sound, but he also has pop and pop-influenced music at his disposal. so as his fanbase grows, his sound and style grows with them.

its hard not to want to know what the neptunes think of sean kingston, but we can never find out for sure. we can only hear their production and vocals, and on its face, the neptunes have the sound of a better, younger sean kingston.

perhaps the most unpredictable track on tomorrow is the one i mentioned earlier, my girlfriend. mars and kingston trade verses on this r&b-inspired song, and the one that comes away with you is kingston. its a rather catchy tune that could have easily be a hit song had it been on mars debut, but instead it has that universal appeal that has been missing from mars discography until now.
vancouvers experimental rock outfit, the swell season, released their debut album, heirs, in 2009. if youre looking for some modern interpretations of classic rock, this isnt the one for you. the album is filled with ear-wormy, progressive rock-pop with a modern twist. with the swell season, mars is often credited for having helped out on a song, but theyre not quite a mars collaboration in the truest sense of the word. this is a meeting of minds where the ideas and harmony all came from mars and the swell season, but a song like my girlfriend, written by mars and jonny diaz, is a true collaboration. while some people may have been put off by this album, others (like me) will find it to be a new favorite thanks to the great contributions of the other musicians on the record.
the last track on the album is a song that is not necessarily bad, but it will definitely leave you scratching your head. its a slow-paced dance song featuring a pretty pop-oriented hook. its just too generic to really be what the album was going for. hopefully, at least a couple of the songs on tomorrow will be better than the title track.
and thats it. tomorrow is filled with a lot of tracks that dont exactly live up to the hype of the name. there is a lot of potential here, but i wish i could have heard more songs from the album. i just think that a few more songs with mars in them might have been more interesting than the ones that were ultimately chosen. and i suppose thats why i play the role of the music blogger in my head; i could do a better job.