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Bhishma Prasad, a simple meme maker, turns his life around when he wages war against a powerful agricultural company that produces harmful chemicals for ‘green’ plants.
He is known to use his meme power to sway the minds of his opponents and convince them to let him do what he wants and asks for.
He also seems to have power over others such as Shiva and his family, who can only appear in his presence.
The film does not primarily follow any of the traditional storytelling methods as Bhishma tells the story rather than looking at everything from the viewer’s point of view.

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In the epic Mahabharata, Droṇa (Sanskrit: द्रोण, Droṇa) or Droṇāchārya or Guru Droṇa. Bhishma instantly realized that this was Drona, and asked him to become the Guru of the Kuru princes,. Download as PDF · Printable version .
The Bollywood movie of the year 2019, Vinilith, directed by Shashank, starring Supriya Pathak, Upasna Singh, Yogendra Kapoor, Shruti Bhatia,. Download as PDF · Printable version .

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