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Use Regex capture groups for PHP preg_replace

I have a large file of HTML and I would like to replace a few phrases.
I need the following:

copy the content of the div with class=”someClass” (for lines starting
with “>”)
Search within the div for “someText”
Replace all occurrences of “someText” by “newText”

I have the following regex pattern:
$replacement = ‘$1NewText$2’;
echo preg_replace($pattern, $replacement, $content);

The problem is, when I use regular expressions in PHP, the $1 and $2 variables seem to contain the exact same content. I want $1 to contain the contents of “someText” and $2 to contain the contents of “someClass”
I thought that regular expressions could look ahead within the string before it was replaced so that it could determine what was in the $1 and what was in the $2 variable?


You need to use named captures.
$pattern = ‘/”(?