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You Can’t Be Serious—Need 3D?

3D is one of those things you see in movies or cartoons and as a designer, you know that you can easily be creative with it, but when it comes to websites—it’s usually considered a gimmick.

Can’t be serious can’t be true.

Until now, the one format that was rarely used in web design was the 3D format, whether it’s for content or for design.

So let’s take a look at why you should add some 3D into your design work.

1. 3D Effects

3D effects have been a toy for film geeks since the first 3D movie came out in the early 1990s. While web designers have been playing with 3D for a while—it’s not until recently that the effects are more and more advanced. A good example of this is the camera animation when you tilt your head from side to side. You see the world from another point of view and the motion, along with the depth perception, creates a realistic effect.

2. Depth of Field

3D can also be used for photo manipulation. With some effects, it is possible to alter the depth of field and create a look of a photo that is blurred or has a focus on one area. Depending on the effect, the camera may make it possible to have no blur at all. This is what is called the out of focus effect. While it is possible to do it in photography, the effect is limited. On the web, you can just start experimenting by uploading images into the photo gallery on this page.

3. Multicolor Stacking