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What is an RSS feed?.
RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication which is a Web feed format. By linking your website to an RSS feed you can set up a syndication service that will fetch new web content to use on your website or in an RSS reader.

More about rss:Wikipedia

Get details about RSS.
RSS stands for “really simple syndication”. It is a Web format for syndicating content from websites that supports Atom and RSS 2.0. It was first created by Jay Feed and is now maintained by a group of volunteers under the [ RSS Organisation] (who also administrate RSS 1.0).

Examples of RSS feeds

Here are examples of content in RSS feeds, divided into’syndicated’ and ‘news’.

Syndicated content.

Syndication describes a process where one ‘provider’ of content feeds that content to many other sites automatically, or ‘pulls’ content from. RSS provides a mechanism for clients to subscribe to updates.

This means that RSS does not have to ‘push’ the updates down to clients as it does not force clients to update.

A user will subscribe to a RSS feed (or an aggregator that is subscribed to multiple feeds). The client then will fetch updates from the ‘provider’. If the ‘provider’ also posts updates then it will be fetched as well.


News is content from a single source. News pages may offer stories about a single subject. News syndication allows other sites to pick up a story from a news site.

Web pages may also syndicate content from feeds. One example of this is with discussion and opinion news pages where the opinion expressed may be relevant to many people, but when that opinion is expressed it changes as to what is discussed.

News rss


A news webpage contains (or would contain) content from a single news source. The webpage may also contain references to the original content including links to the original content and a description of the subject.

Example of a news website (Google News)

A news rss

The news page contains links (or a news feed) to the original content.

Example of a news webpage (Google News)

A news rss

Example of a news webpage (Google News)