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Friday, December 25, 2009

MASK (or more accurately, Masquerade, also known as Peer 2 Peer, in its 2010 3D re-release) is a 1995 American black comedy film directed by Mike Barker and written by James L. Brooks, David Hawkes and Allan Burns. It is a sequel to the 1988 film Hackers, which was also written by Hawkes, and Brooks. The film stars John Cusack and Gene Hackman, and features a cameo by Dennis Hopper. The original music score was composed by T-Bone Burnett, while Michael Kamen was responsible for the film’s title song.

The film was originally supposed to be released by Warner Bros. in December 1993, but the release date was pushed back to April 28, 1995. The release was delayed a few more times, leading many to assume it would never be released at all. At the time of release, the film’s budget was estimated to be anywhere from $18 million to $22 million. It performed poorly at the box office, grossing just $13 million in North America against a $25 million budget, and $5.2 million in other countries.

In 1994, 30 years after Nick Castle accidentally cracked a corporate encryption security system used by the NSA, his former hacker buddies decide to pay him a visit at his decaying Staten Island home. The old hacker, Morris Black, is now a lawyer with a flourishing practice. Though still an avid programmer, Morris’ life is hardly a hacker’s paradise. His son Duane, however, is obsessed with his legendary hero, the young Nick Castle.

Castle’s old hacker colleagues are reluctant to meet with him, but the friends take the chance, bringing with them Duane’s new girlfriend, Melanie. Meanwhile, Castle has also taken in a young girl named Valerie, who wants desperately to be a part of this group of hackers. However, a few conflicts arise. Castle thinks Duane is secretly paying back a debt to him, and Duane believes that Castle stole his father’s case when he was a lawyer, thereby ruining his father’s life. Castle, on the other hand, is increasingly uncomfortable with the fact that Duane will not let him see the machines he created, and that the 21st-century security system is partially based on the codes from Castle’s system.

Eventually, after a struggle over the remote control to Castle’s television, Morris, Duane