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videocapx 6.32 4 crack free download. andriod videocapx serial number.This article is more than 1 year old

This article is more than 1 year old

The central bank is considering whether to tighten up its notorious RBA rate cuts that have left the Australian dollar so weak for years, economists and financial analysts say.

Australian consumer demand grows, RBA warns that rate cuts may be needed again Read more

After cutting rates from 3% in September 2016 to the current 1.5%, the RBA has kept rates on hold for just over a year, despite repeated warnings that the bank had not yet completely unwound the last bout of rate cuts.

Many economists and analysts have interpreted the current rate of exchange-rate depreciation as a sign of little demand outside of China, despite other countries seeing a modest boost to their own economies and a slew of corporate results that suggest the nation’s top companies have returned to strong growth.

The real problem, economists say, is that demand for Australian goods and services has remained sluggish in the wake of record-low interest rates, despite an economy that has grown relatively quickly since the financial crisis.

Last week’s national accounts showed that Australia’s GDP grew by