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Why doesn’t this flag raise privilege alert?

There’s a comment that was flagged for moderator attention. It is valid comment and should be deleted.

But still that comment is marked as “flagged for moderator attention”. I don’t see the alert in my inbox when I try to flag the comment, nor does it show up in my flag list.


You’re not a moderator. That’s not a valid flag message for you.
Flagging a comment requires 10k reputation. It’s a privilege.

Show HN: Launch in beta and launch over a million users this month – karari

I think you are having a difficult time getting users…

I think your main goal should be to sign up a lot of people quickly. All
conversion metric (like traffic to your website, sign ups, free users etc…)
should be unimportant. Your goal is to get as many sign ups as possible. The
thing to focus on is converting users.

Even if you have users this month, the only thing that matters is getting to
the point where you can sign up users by the million. If you can’t get to that
point by the millionth, then you don’t deserve to have the millionth user.

If the goal was to get 10,000 users by the end of the month, then you should
get 10,000 users by the end of the month.

I don’t see how being able to go beyond a million gives you enough of a
competitive advantage to justify charging $10 for 1000 users over one month.

Thanks for the feedback!

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