Celaction2d ((BETTER))

Celaction2d ((BETTER))

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Celaction 2D
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The CelAction product range is a ground-breaking hybrid between 2D and 3D animation, offering a combination of powerful 2D animation and iconic 3D characters, to create some of the most advanced and innovative characters in the digital animation market.

CelAction2d is a revolutionary new hybrid of 2D and 3D animation, offering a combination of best-of-breed 2D and iconic 3D characters to create some of the most advanced and innovative characters in the digital animation market.

CelAction2D is the world-beating 2D/3D hybrid animation software used by leading feature film and TV animation companies, including DreamWorks Animation, Disney, Pixar, Sony, and Warner Bros.

The CelAction 2d product range offers a powerful and highly intuitive 2D animation software, with control over every aspect of 2D animation: from animating the character rig to painting key poses and defining expressions; from handling and rigging thousands of 2D and 3D characters and objects; and from defining how they interact with each other, in any type of animation.

CelAction 2d is used by our clients to create the most important and iconic animated characters, as well as high quality versions of their characters, for feature films, short films, TV shows, and advertising campaigns.

CelAction is the first product in the new CelAction2D 2D/3D hybrid animation software, and it is built on a completely new core engine that will form the basis for the next few CelAction products.

Are you an animation artist, and want to get a shot at working on a feature film? Then come work for us. CelAnimation is one of the few animation studios in the world that has worked on or is working


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CelAction is an animation software created by and published by Free Creatures .
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CelAction2D is an advanced 2D animation program developed by Free Creatures .
CelAction2D is an advanced 2d animation software developed by Free Creatures .
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