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By anonymous tipster

Published October 26, 2008

[The headline on yesterday’s cover of the Nation was “Trojan Horse: The Billion-Dollar Election.”]

In a little over a week, at least a dozen news organizations have paid for confidential information about the upcoming election. I’ll spare you the fun of counting how many of them are owned by Rupert Murdoch. A source with knowledge of the matter says four news organizations have paid for bribes to an ex-Murdoch operative who has developed quite a career as a sleaze artist. The operative, who calls himself Mike McAlary, claims that he gave campaign cash in 2007 to former Massachusetts governor, now US Senator, Mitt Romney to promote his business, media, and commercial construction venture, of which Romney was a partner. McAlary’s daughter, also an operative, gained access to the State Department’s passport office, and helped set up a phony passport for Donna Brazile, who, until October 19, the DNC chair. Shortly after the episode, Brazile, who, like Romney, is a Mormon, was replaced by Howard Dean.

The other two cases cited by the source involve mails fraud and poll data. The mails matter involved the filing of false nominations papers for the North Carolina and New Jersey Republican parties, and the poll data is alleged to have come from the Republican National Committee, which has refused to say exactly how much info has been stolen…. continue

Rep. Adam Putnam, a Republican candidate for governor, has announced that his campaign is investigating the leaks. Putnam’s chief of staff, Jay Dardenne, says he’s “sick to death of this.”

In addition to the Romney/McAlary operation, I’m told there’s an organized effort by someone in the security industry to get info on the campaign. One non