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Artificial Intelligence Programming

I want to start artificial intelligence programming, and I want to develop a computer program that learns from user input and learns for itself.
From my research and consideration of materials I came across “Kismet” and “NBT”. I don’t know much about them, but what I know about them is that in all of their movies and tutorials they have a lot of “Anti-Gentleman” and “No-Gentleman” sentences that they teach them.
In other words, they start teaching them to speak very crudely and violent even, and I was wondering if this is a good teaching method or not, and is it the best way to teach artificial intelligence.


This is a bit of a subjective question, but in general, I would recommend a different approach. That is to “teach” your AI system, not by teaching it to speak text (no matter how “crude” or violent, as you put it), but to speak in natural language. The system should learn to make the appropriate inferences based upon the information presented and then respond with words of its own. For example:
“A good AI should be able to comprehend the question and figure out that `who` is referring to, and then respond appropriately.
A bad AI would say something like:
`Who said that?`

Since that is what a human would say when asked a question, I would say that even if the previous sentence was “phrased” very crudely or violent, it is correct in that it is a basic question a human would ask in response to a statement. The point is, the AI should be able to understand the information and use it to respond. That way, you have only taught your AI to speak text, not the language of human interactions. You would teach it to “speak” the language of its expected audience — in this case, a human.
As far as Kismet and No-Gentle


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