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Convert a string to an integer and I get an error!

I am trying to convert a string to an integer, but I keep getting an error.
Here is my code:
if(text_type == “amount”){
int temp = text_temp;
String[] temp1 = new String[]{text_temp.substring(1,3), text_temp.substring(4,6), text_temp.substring(7)};
int temp2 = Integer.parseInt(temp1[1]);
int temp3 = Integer.parseInt(temp1[2]);
int temp4 = Integer.parseInt(temp1[3]);

if(temp2 == 0){
temp2 = 10000;
if(temp3 == 0){
temp3 = 100000;
if(temp4 == 0){
temp4 = 10000000;

text_temp = temp2 * temp3 * temp4;
text_temp = text_temp + ” €”;

The error is:
java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: “0000”

This is the data I have in the string: