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Unable to query MongoDB using RazorJSON

I’m trying to query my Mongo database using mongocsharp driver and RazorJSON syntax but I can’t manage to get it working.
The syntax is

and the returned value is just 1 document (2 actually but the second document is null).
If I use the Code Below I can’t get a validation error but the returned doc is null.
string lookup = MyCollection + “.” + MyField;


If you are not using the overload of GetCollection that uses the AsQueryable(), you need to use the overload that uses the Request as a parameter. So, you’d need to do something like:
string lookup = MyCollection + “.” + MyField;

Also, you may need to use the FullSynchronized() method on the Database, since your query is running asynchronously, rather than synchronously.

[Analysis of the EEG spectrum on moderate hypothermia].
The normal awake and sleep EEGs of 17 patients with moderate hypothermia were analyzed, in an attempt to find out EEG characteristics which can identify these cases. Generalized slowing was more remarkable in the EEGs in which the temperature was under 32 degrees C. The amplitudes of components of the 1-5, 6-9 and 10-20 Hz bands were also significantly reduced. The characteristic decrease in the amplitude of 7-9

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