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All exams are coming along pretty well. We’ve been doing a lot of this:


We’re planning to keep the amount of direct instruction to a minimum for the last week. We’ll see. We’re not in any hurry. None. Nope.
In terms of prep – we are not going to start to get more papers or books for next year.
We’ll probably start posting practice papers and mock exams for anyone that’s interested.

Update – I kept the quality of math and language at a fairly high level with the exception of my drawing (gawd)


As I see it, you have some major issues:

Math requires consistency, as a student who is skilled in his/her subject (computer science) will always notice if someone is competent or not in this field;
Languages and Literature are completely neglected. I never had such pathetic results in both subjects.

Probably that’s the reason of your drop at English.


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The Hastings Conference Centre is also located in the town.


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