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Find specific number from file

I have an array of 2,000,000 numbers in a text file with a line that has the same data in it but with a change. I need to be able to search a specific line from this text file based on the difference between the data, I only want the line with the difference that needs to be applied.


you can try this grep command, and the -c flag to count the number of result found in the line (counted) :
grep -c “your_string” filename.txt

Graft reaction to bovine collagen implants in the rabbit knee joint: a histologic study.
Bovine collagen implants were used in a knee joint model in rabbits in an attempt to find a biologic response to tissue repair. The study is based on the hypothesis that bovine collagen implants induce a foreign body reaction in synovial tissue. Implants were placed in both knee joints of rabbits. In one knee, the implants were placed in the synovium; in the other knee, they were placed in subcutaneous tissue. After observation for 1 year, the implants were explanted. Signs of inflammation were not observed in the knees with subcutaneous implants but were found in knees with implants in the synovium. Further histologic analysis indicated that rabbits placed in the synovium had a more severe reaction to the implants than did rabbits in the subcutaneous group. The difference was significant for both immunologic reactions (glomerulitis and fibrosis) and the extent of cellular infiltration. Implants placed in the synovium produced more fibrosis around the implants than did those placed in the subcutaneous tissue. Collagen, as a product of mammalian connective tissue, is widely available and is used in many forms. Previous studies have evaluated potential reactions to collagen implants, and a biologic response was not observed in any of the studies, which is consistent with our findings.Q:

How to upgrade an applet from Java 6 to Java 7?

I’m working with Java 6 but I need to make a change in the existing applet. It has already been reviewed and approved.
I do not have access