MAXD 04 – Sakura Sakurada – The Dog Game 1 58 ✔

MAXD 04 – Sakura Sakurada – The Dog Game 1 58 ✔



MAXD 04 – Sakura Sakurada – The Dog Game 1 58

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Quicksort Algorithm, what does it compare the pivot to?

I am studying for a programming interview, and I have a question about the quicksort algorithm. The question is this: “As in any quicksort algorithm, the first element in the partition will be called the “pivot.” The question then asks: What does the algorithm compare this pivot to? Here is a link to the book I am using.
I understand the basic concept of the algorithm (I think), it is just the implementation that I dont understand. So I think the answer is pivot 1. Field of the Invention
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2. Description of the Related Art
A conventional automatic door-opening and door-closing controller controls the opening and closing speeds of a vehicle door, and also controls the interval (opening/closing start interval (opening/closing stop interval)) of opening and closing operations so as to ensure comfort and prevent injuries to passengers in a vehicle.
For example, as disclosed in Japanese Patent Laid-Open No. HEI 6-162659

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