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Discografia Completa Roxette Torrent ^NEW^


Discografia Completa Roxette Torrent

Discografia de Roxette.Discos de Roxette ordenados por años.

Roxette vs. Ace Of Base – Discografia Completa

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Roxette is an electronic music duo that was formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1983 by two Swedish brothers, Marie and Per “Ace” Knudsdotter. In 1994 Roxette was nominated for a Grammy for Best Recording For Children. The duo have sold more than 38 million albums, and have released many singles, two of which, “Joyride” and “Joyride (Elements 1996 remix)” have reached number one in the United States. The original single “Joyride” is one of the few songs in Swedish pop music history to reach the top of the US Billboard singles chart.On the band’s 30th Anniversary in 1989, they released a video disc, which consists of three compact discs recorded in their home studio, with all other videos having been removed from circulation.

The box-set is entitled “Roxette 30th Anniversary Arhiv 1989” and has eight tracks: disc one, “Fem” (“The Five”); disc two, “Med mig” (“With Me”); disc three, “Åäärockskiv” (“Airstrike Sky”); disc four, “1, 2, 3” (“One, Two, Three”); disc five, “Du och jag” (“You And I”) with a rap from The Get Up Kids’ frontman Jim Suptic; disc six, “Vem žr du pÃ¥” (“Who Are You On”); and disc seven, “Jag tycker om att du inte bryr sig” (“I Like It When You Don’t Care”).

On May 29, 2013, Roxette was announced to perform the soundtrack for the new One Piece film. The soundtrack contains two Roxette


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