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Roblox is a free online game platform and game creation system developed by Roblox Corporation. The platform allows users to program games and play games created by other users in many genres. Users may also purchase game assets with real money in an online store. The platform launched on August 1, 2005, Roblox Inc. is a privately held company based in San Mateo, California. Roblox was founded by David Baszucki, Erik Cassel and Roger Chadick in August 2004,

Today, Roblox users are able to create games, which are hosted on the platform, and play games created by other users. The Roblox Corporation app is free, with in-game purchases available, and currently has more than a 164 million users as of August 2020.

One of Roblox’s first products was a flash-based web editor, which was followed by the introduction of the platform’s first official games. In 2006, Roblox released its first official game, an action-adventure video game named Adventure, and in 2007 Roblox launched its first version of a sandbox game, called MCP. The Roblox platform debuted in the United States as Roblox.com, but Roblox Corporation moved the platform to its official website in 2010.

Roblox allows users to create and play games on their own accounts or by using virtual avatars. Creating games or avatars is accomplished by programming in the Lua programming language, with the engine’s backend servers performing computational tasks such as user authentication, account management, avatar creation, and game creation.

Roblox game development is either sandbox or role-playing (RPG). Sandbox games are created in a single environment. Role-playing games are designed with the player as a character or in a particular role, such as a player character in a dungeon role-playing game. Development of the game is directly integrated with the programming environment. Games are developed in the Lua programming language by using the Roblox Studio application.

Roblox allows users to collect in-game items and play the game as various user-created characters. Items, which may include clothing, accessories, weapons, and other objects, are created and updated with Robux, Roblox’s virtual currency that may be purchased with real currency. Once the player’s account reaches the maximum Robux limit, the items become unusable until the player purchases Robux to generate more.



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The Brawl of Mad Universe[BOMU] by the @Maduk12 Twitter username – The game is free to play, but offers in-game purchases that are optional. The game features 40 missions, character upgrades, and a leveling system.
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The United Nations has been started on a project to create the most accurate simulation of real life.
The incredible experiment is called the Simulation. The purpose of the Simulation is to create a perfect set of rules, that will allow life on earth to continue. The Simulation consists of countries with hundreds of […]
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Planet of the Apes – Episode 5: The Escape
In this game, you will be tasked with your mission to put an end to the bloodshed between the humans and the chimpanzee’s.
In this, you have to find two lost children, Snowflake and Sweet Potato, and bring them to safety.
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You will be the knight of fortune, race against time, and rescue the damsel in distress from the Dragon’s lair and save the kingdom in the royal quest.
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You will be the hedgehog, an excellent fighter, on a mission to kill criminals in order to end street crime in a dangerous city.
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You will be the Ace of the Desert, the top and only agent of a secret government spy organization. It’s up to you to stop the latest cyber-espionage from the highest levels of government.
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You will be a bounty hunter, track down and destroy King Koopa and his army of underlings.
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You will be the wolverine, a famous superhero from the future. You’ll use guns and explosions as well as combat mutant powers to save the city of New York from Galactus, and solve a series of mysterious crimes.
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You will be a secret agent, from the newest Agent 007. It’s up to you to stop the latest evil plots against the super agent, and save the world.
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You will be a ninja, a


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