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Over a hundred interactive elements let you make anything you can imagine.
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published:15 May 2020


published:15 Jun 2015


Created by KAZER77:
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YouTube Channel:
My ‘SeriousGaming’ Channel
I’ve wanted to make a teaser for this vid for a while now, so I’m happy to finally release it. This song by San Holo is called ‘HyperViral’.
Video Link:
Soloist – 5,000 Korg & DaveHause who has given:

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published:22 Jun 2015


In February of 2018, Roblox accidentally set the option for servers to be offline if players don’t pay for their account for a given amount of time. This was a result of the company’s ongoing transition from virtual goods to subscriptions, including a shift in the type of currency that is used for players’




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You may have to do some folder “hacks” to change certain files after you do everything correctly.

A note:

Roblox uses the default game folder for their game and overlays files to game’s main folder. There is an overlap of files and folders. So, you have to follow these instructions in order and make sure that there are no overlapped files. You’ll see the overlap of files when you install.

To install, open up a new folder by pressing CTRL + N and then press (R) to open “My Computer”. Click File Explorer (or F10).

Go to C:/Users/USERSID and open the folder. If you don’t see an “AppData” folder, go to Windows Explorer and open My Computer – This should automatically take you there.

Go to AppData\Local\roblox. This is where Roblox puts its files. This is where you will see the files overlapped with each other.

Now that you have your games files downloaded, open up Visual Studio, and go to File – New Project…

Choose the Templates -> Visual C# -> Windows -> Windows Forms Application

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go to the solution explorer, right click on the project (not the form) and select “View Code”

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try { while (true) { Console.WriteLine(robuxPlayer.CurrentProfile.PlayerProperties.PlayerCustomProfile); Random rd = new Random(1); robuxPlayer.CurrentProfile.PlayerProperties.PlayerCustomProfile[rd.Next(1,5)]


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