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Free for all ages, Roblox is a fun and creative place to play, invent, and learn together with millions of fellow creators. It’s where the infinite potential of the human imagination comes to life.
• The Results:
At the beginning of every search, the Roblox Bot will take into account both the Knowledge of the user and the quality of their requests. The user’s Knowledge score is calculated by evaluating their requests. The Quality score is calculated by evaluating the answers provided.
Evaluation Criteria:
For content creators:
Useful feedback on quality and relevance will be calculated in Roblox’s search results.
For users:
A score can be applied to your user profile in the description. More content will be relevant and useful for you.
The results are calculated before sending to the platform, and not in real time. If you are on a slow connection, try refreshing the browser.
In some cases, the best answers may be pending approval by Roblox staff. In this case, the answer will not appear for you.
For users:
No bans.
For developers:
Only trusted and approved developers will be allowed to upload content to the platform.
For users:
All content on the platform will be licensed using the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
For developers:
All content on the platform will be licensed using the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Platform Rules:
Respect others: Don’t post harassment, racism, pornography, or anything that’s intentionally or unintentionally harmful, crude, or spammy.
Be kind to each other: Be polite and kind, use proper grammar, and don’t harass or attack other players, or the Roblox staff.
Don’t post links to external sites: It’s not allowed on Roblox. Roblox is a safe and secure place. Not all users may be appropriately trusted.
Stop posting copyrighted content: Let’s keep our community safe, so please, no copyrighted material such as music, books, trailers, costumes, games, literature, or merchandise.
Roblox is a game platform and game creation system, so most of what you’ll see are games and activities made by other users.
Created by David Basz


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Vagrant + GITlab: “Permission denied (publickey) error”

I’m running gitlab under Vagrant, and using this guide to set it up. It’s been working for about a week, and I’ve never changed anything in the config or the vagrantfile. Suddenly, I’m getting this error:
gitlab_shell.rb:341:in `require’:
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get it at ~/.ssh/

The text in my vagrantfile is very simple:
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Achievements is a way for players to share and show off their achievements with the world. Roblox rewards players with in-game achievements for completing games. Every player can earn achievements as a reward. As of Roblox 7, achievements can be earned in many game modes and skill levels. Roblox keeps track of achievements and players use it to award players with the in-game rewards.

Complete an achievement to get points in the Achievement Meter. When the meter is full, players can select a reward in their inventory. For example, after finishing a game a player can pick up some in-game items like a decorative object or new zombies. When points reach a certain amount, players can unlock new things like skins or avatar items.


Players unlock rewards for completing achievements. Once a player unlocks a reward, they can buy it with the Robux they have earned. So the better they play, the more Robux they earn and the more items they can buy.

1. Lootbox

There are lootboxes available as rewards. You need to open a lootbox to find an item. Lootboxes have a chance to contain various items such as clothing, pets or decorations. Lootboxes can be obtained by the winning team or as a random reward for levelling up. As of Roblox 7, the loot boxes give a special buff or the other team gets a random buff.

Roblox puts a limit on how many times a player can get lootbox items. This allows Roblox to ensure items aren’t powerful and to prevent farming.

2. Garden

The Garden is a feature in Roblox that allows players to pick up new decorations. The Garden has a variety of decorations that have the same stats. So if a player puts a decoration on their house, they can place similar decorations in their town and even do the same with their pets.

Players can use coins to place decorations on their house or to give rewards to their pets. There are also more decorative objects that are not part of the garden in the inventory. These can be purchased with coins.

Gardens are generated randomly when starting a new game. As you progress in your game, you unlock more and more decorations.

3. Opening Items

An Opening Item is a special item that can be bought with Robux or coins. They can be used to open a chest and search through the items in the


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