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Create your own games and play with friends on a free, open-ended platform. Users control their own game worlds and are free to choose where and how their game plays out.

Become a developer and create your own games within a ready-to-go ecosystem, or collaboratively build games with friends. You choose the genre, the gameplay, the characters, and more. It’s your choice how you play.

Play any game you like, in any category, and on any device. Play with friends on the same device, or invite them to join you from a different device.

Games on Roblox are created using the code that is embedded in their gameplay experiences. This powerful set of APIs are used to create amazing games, apps and experiences that grow the Roblox platform.

Future of Roblox:
Originally built to empower young kids to be creative and innovative, Roblox has grown to become one of the most exciting and popular games platforms for everyone to play. With only a few million dollars to its name, Roblox has continued to grow by broadening its community of creators and developers. This continued investment in the platform means that Roblox will continue to empower kids to be creative and innovative, while at the same time offering entertainment across many devices.



Roblox has received significant attention in the media industry over the years, including Fortune, Forbes, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, CNET, PC Mag, Wired, CIO, TechTarget, IDG, and many others. We were also recognized at the 2010 Webby Awards and in the 2014 Webby Awards, winning the award for Best Virtual Worlds. Additionally, we were a three-time winner of the CIO 100 Award in the Entertainment category, and were named the #4 Most Trusted Online Gaming Company by Washington Post readers in 2014.Q:

Issues with saving a form before submission with AJAX

I have an application where a user can submit a form that contains a list of (actual) addresses. The whole address list is saved locally in a MySQL database.
Before submitting, the user is asked to confirm that he really wants to submit the selected address(es). This confirmation is done by sending an AJAX request to a PHP script.
Unfortunately, this confirmation always fails, even though the user has already confirmed the address list by pressing the ‘Submit’ button.


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