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Roblox is a 3D virtual world simulation program that allows users to program games and experience other people’s games created in its programming language, Lua. Its platform is focused on building games and the game worlds that reside within those games. Users can choose from many different appearances to customize their avatars, who can then play and interact with other avatars in the virtual world. Users can play as their avatars in a multitude of different games, such as multiplayer games, adventures, racing games, and combat games, where they fight virtual opponents in a virtual arena.
ROBUX is the virtual currency used by users to purchase in-game items on Roblox. Its price fluctuates with the market and the Robux supply. There is a cap of one million Robux in the game at a time. Players can also earn Robux from playing games, completing quests, inviting friends, winning achievements, and participating in other in-game activities. Robux can be earned or purchased by players at a Robux Store, which is also accessible from within a game. Robux can be used to purchase virtual items such as clothes, weapons, and accessories for the avatars. These items can improve and/or reinforce the strength, abilities, appearance, or clothing of avatars.
To begin playing Roblox, players must download the application to their device. Once downloaded, players select an avatar and select a username. Players are then transported to a screen that allows them to create and play games. For the creation of a game, players are presented with a canvas where they can create an environment and populate it with virtual objects. Some of these objects can have interactive scripts attached to them so players can customize their game worlds with the ability to add game objects, for example, a virtual room that holds a door that functions as a virtual entry and exit point to another area of the game. Roblox Game Engine 4 (RGE4) allows for the creation of complex and large games and worlds in which users can interact.
The Roblox programming language has simple commands for common tasks for game design. Examples include commands to place objects (such as creating a door), select or spawn objects (such as a player), and creating paths for players to follow (such as hallways or stairs). Players can also add in-game programming features through in-game scripting, which can be made with Lua or Python, so they can customize their games with more complex scripting.
Games and worlds can be tailored


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What is Robux

Robux is the in-game currency of Roblox. In total there are 9 different types of Robux, apart from the regular block. Each of these different Robux have different values. We have listed the robux values below:

A box with a yellow stripe – An ordinary block. It has no special traits.

2 boxes with orange stripes – Boost blocks. These boosts make certain actions faster or cheaper.

Purple blocks with a green stripe – A boost block which applies an additional 1 Robux (rare items cost 0).

A box with a red stripe – A boost block which makes the vehicle start faster and also affects the ride stabilization of the vehicle.

A box with blue stripes – A boost block which makes the vehicle drift sideways at a higher speed.

2 blue blocks with orange stripes – boost blocks which makes the vehicle start faster and it helps to stabilize the vehicle.

A green box with a purple stripe – A boost block which makes the vehicle take less slowdown.

A green block with orange stripes – a boost block which makes the vehicle start faster and also helps to stabilize the vehicle.

A red box with yellow stripes – a boost block which makes the vehicle start faster and also helps to stabilize the vehicle.

Robux is used to make in-game purchases in Roblox.

Roblox Money – What is it all about

Roblox money is also known as RSell, Robux or Robuxa. Roblox money is what you earn through playing games in Roblox. It is in total 300,000 Roblox dollars which is like $300 and is needed to buy special items in Roblox. Roblox dollars can also be spent in Robux balance. This amount is a lot because it is almost a million.

Robux – In Roblox

In Roblox you can buy Special “boost” items in the in-game store called RobloxSell. Boosts can range from making you fly higher and higher in a vehicle to making blocks or decorations fly.

For example, there are three boosts which makes you fly higher in your vehicle, so you can see a lot of stuff you normally can’t see and be more at home playing in the jungle. However, there are many other blocks in Roblox which make you fly higher, you just have


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Most of my (and I believe, our) readers have probably heard of “redemption codes”. One of the most common items that people will send people is a code that can be redeemed for either an item or a virtual item. Codes can cost anywhere from $1 to $100, and can come in many varieties, from everyday codes to one-time codes that you don’t get to use again, such as giveaways. Typically, codes are designed to be redeemed through an application or a website and are essentially used for giveaways and such. And, while people may say you can redeem a code for a game item, it really just means you can send in your item and get the item or virtual item. For instance, if you had your item sent to a friend’s Amazon account, you could still use your code to redeem it on your account or vice versa, but it’s still just a code you can redeem for your item or virtual item.

Maybe you haven’t heard of them, but “redemption codes” are a bit different than “code generators”. A code generator is just a website or application that allows someone to generate codes that are then redeemed for, say, you or a friend of yours. The codes can be redeemed for items or virtual items, but they don’t have to be. They can be redeemed for just about anything, so long as they are redeemed in the correct manner. But, while both redemption codes and code generators can be used to generate codes, code generators are never intended to be used for anything. So, if you wanted to redeem codes, you would have to purchase code generators or redeem codes from an application or website that sells the codes. But, if you ever wanted to make a gift, you could just give out redeem codes for your friend or family member directly. Codes, however, are designed to be free and can also be used for literally any purpose that you want.

So, this is just a simple guide of what redemption codes are and some of the ways people can use


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This is verified working on PC, Android, and iOS. This is not a stable version because it’s not checked thoroughly and is not fully tested. However, this has been tested internally on our PC and it works as expected. You are also given the option to get any number of Robux instead of this amount (unless specified) This is NOT for the Main server, this is for private servers only! You are given 10-15 days access to this account to try this out and you need to log in to your original profile to get your robux back if you delete it. This WILL NOT work if you don’t fully delete your original account.

Some of you may have seen this guide before, and you can just ignore the new additions in this video! However, there are some things you can do to change up your experience as an avi/moderator on the Roblox network! Leave a like if you think this video is useful, leave a follow if you want more content like this.

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Now I usually don’t put soundcloud links in my videos because I feel like I don’t need the extra step to “post to soundcloud” but in this one I did because I’m leaving a bunch of promos



My second account is mostly for Soundcloud links. You can upload without the hassle of uploading from youtube and waiting for the pic tool to post to my youtube channel because discord is already connected and ready to go. I have around 1000 plays on these 2 accounts, the only thing I’ve done was post a few recent songs that are up to date on soundcloud and then just let them play and it�


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