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Roblox, a sandbox game creation platform, has over 100 million users, with more than half under the age of 13. Users are able to make their own fully-programmable games, or take the creations of others and play them online with others in worlds referred to as “rooms.” Anyone may join a room with a username and password.
Players are free to customize their environment by decorating their rooms with furniture, props, and visuals. They can also add their own interactive objects, models, and characters. In addition to games, Roblox users also create mini-games, puzzles, art, music, and other interactive media.

Roblox Video Walkthrough:
R0bloxa0t Animation:
Creating Your First Game:
R0bloxa0t Submission:
For subscription:

What’s on Roblox
Welcome to Roblox, the cool new platform for gaming!
ROBLX is an exciting new game creation and game playing platform, where you can build games and play them with other people.
Check out this short video to learn about some of the cool things you can do on the website!
Building Your First Game:
Using the “New” Button:
Welcome To Roblox:
Connect With Other Roblox Users:
Manage Your Game:
Play With Friends:
The Future Of Roblox:
Logging In:
Creating Your First Game:
Making Games and Features:
How To Build:
* Learning Areas:
* Making A Room:
* Gameplay:
* New Items:
* Building A House:
* Game Types:
How To Buy Robux:
Room Types:
Logging In:
Managing Your User:
Connecting With Other Users:
Game Management:
How To Make:
* Creating a Character:
* Making a Background:
* Creating a Game:
* Building a Room:
* Creating a Basic Image:
* Making a Jumping Platform:
* Creating a Tree:
* Creating an Explosion:
* Making a Gun:
* Creating a Box:
* Creating a Robot:
* Making a Balloon:
* Making a Gun:
* Mecanics:
* Building Items:
Game Management:
How To Make:
* Making Items:
* Adding a Label:
* Making a


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Angular Dynamic Dropdown

I am trying to add dynamic inputs to an Angular application. The user will upload a json file, which will provide key and value. I then need to be able to add the key value pair as a value to a new input.
I am attempting to add the value to another form field called “action” to pass the data to the server.

However, I can’t seem to pass the data through the ng-model value… It never gets added. Any ideas?


One idea could be, to bind to variable in your controller, for example:
$scope.someAction = {};

<input type="text" class="form-control" placeholder="Do you want to add an update " data


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