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Roblox isn’t right for children | Roblox Roblox Kids Roblox AdminIn the last year I’ve seen more ads targeted for my kid than I have for political ads. I don’t mean to disparage Roblox but it is time for parents to understand that Roblox isn’t right for their kids. Let’s look at three ways Roblox is bad for kids.
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published:27 Jul 2018

views:236268 is the official Roblox website, so you can find all of the base building, coding, and game-making tools you need as well as school, community and original content.
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Defend yourself as you navigate your metal tank through the heart of the enemy’s territory. You must survive and take revenge for the destruction that has been caused to the war-torn region!
A simple online game, in which you are forced to survive as long as you can, while jumping from platform to platform and avoiding the many dangers.

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Is it just me, or is there is a rouge version of this game on every single site. There is not one free version of this game. What kind of reviews are they getting?
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Imagine yourself in a fire fight where you are joined by a


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Roblox is a free platform game for kids. The game uses 3D animation and graphics. A popular


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