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Roblox is an online platform for user-generated games, where users can program games and play them on the site. The platform was launched by game development studio Roblox Corporation in March 2006. The most popular genres in Roblox are immersive 3D virtual world, role-playing, fighting, and creative, with popular games including The castle, on the wither, Road Trip, and Sam Fisher: Assassination. The platform currently hosts user-created games of multiple genres such as MMO, role-playing, horror, racing, and arcade, as well as other forms of entertainment such as drama, skits, music, and vlogs. In November 2010, Roblox Corporation was rebranded from Paradise 7 Studios and transferred from San Mateo, California to Austin, Texas. In February 2016, it was acquired by Digital Dream Partners, a venture capital firm founded by Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie, for $580 million.
An online platform for user-generated games and social entertainment, Roblox allows users to create their own games, play other user-created games, and connect with other players on the Roblox platform. The games, referred to as worlds, take the form of immersive 3D virtual environments that can be explored by players using in-game characters. Players can use their own custom characters, called avatars, to interact with other users and objects in the worlds and perform actions, such as picking up items, killing enemies, solving puzzles, talking to other users, and riding vehicles. Through these interactions, players can accomplish tasks in worlds and achieve goals, such as accumulating points, winning prizes, and collecting items. Roblox can be accessed either on the client (from a desktop or laptop), as a mobile app, a smartwatch, a Bluetooth game controller, or through a virtual reality headset.
Most of the games that are available on the site are created by users, which results in a large variety of games. Within a given game, players can play their own characters, work cooperatively, and compete with one another. Players can also create their own games, either free of charge or for a small fee, based on templates that they can customize. Players can also create events such as game conventions, competitions, and social events. The platform has no age restrictions, but it only allows users to create worlds that are intended for use by players who are 13 or older. Users are, however, able to connect worlds in which children can play.


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