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Roblox is a free online platform and game creation system. It was started in 2004 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel. The site is widely known for allowing players to create their own games, which are then played by other users. The service is played via a web browser, and is not a standalone application. An Android app was released in 2018.
Roblox is a platform-independent application, allowing users to create and play games on platforms such as the Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows, Google Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Roblox games are created in the Lua programming language. This encourages a “constructionist” mentality, as the focus of a Roblox game is typically how its components can be put together to form an aesthetic, functional, and/or entertaining working whole.
Developers use “blocks,” which are simple, modular game objects that are drag-and-droppable onto the canvas, where they can be arranged and connected together to create more complex game objects. Other tools include an in-game text editor, a debugging tool, and a library of thousands of pre-made 3D models to work with. Roblox also offers in-game achievements for players to earn, and daily, weekly, and monthly events that are triggered by time-based or progress-based criteria. Players can interact with other players via the service’s social network features.
Roblox has over 110 million monthly active users. According to the company, Roblox generates over 70,000 user-created games per day, though these numbers are misleading because the platform reports only which games have been played at least once, and these numbers do not account for inactive users and games played in private mode. Roblox games are typically free, though users can spend Robux to upgrade their user avatar and some in-game components. In-game purchases range in price from free to thousands of Robux.
Roblox began as a website where players could play others’ user-created games, or create their own games as virtual pets or scavenger hunts. The first game ever posted to the site was “Lava Land” on April 12, 2004 by a player named RavenPoe; it was published by Sean Vargo, co-founder of Electronic Arts’ Early Access division, Dusan Panic, and the developer of the alternative game engine QuickGameEngine. Some of the first user-created games were written in the same engine as Dus


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Roblox, one of the world’s most popular social entertainment destinations, invites players to enter the world of Roblox games for free.
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Roblox is a virtual playground and workshop, where kids can safely interact, create, learn, and play online. Roblox is designed for kids, but it’s also a great place for kids to play with their parents.
There are hundreds of fun and unique ways for children to play and have fun on Roblox.
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We’ve all been there. Your boss demands that you complete a project in 24 hours.
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Sure, it’s easier than you think, but you are better off doing it right.

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