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Roblox is a platform in which users can create and play games. The platform is free to play, though it does support gameplay with microtransactions through an in-game currency called Robux. Roblox’s growth has been substantial, with its user base increasing steadily to over 164 million registered players, who spend an estimated 24.2 billion minutes per month on the service’s mobile apps, as well as on the web. Many of those active users are children, though Roblox restricts access to a younger audience to protect their childhoods. The platform has been listed in both the “Best New Apps” and “Best of 2012” categories by Apple, and in the “Apps of the Year” category by The New York Times.

Roblox Kids Description:
The world of Roblox has opened up to children of all ages. With a platform specifically designed for them, kids are able to explore creativity, explore the fantasies of their imaginations, and to make friends with people from all over the world.
Roblox for Children is a supplement to the fully-featured and most popular Roblox game, Roblox. Children no longer have to ask their parents for permission to play Roblox; in fact, they’re encouraged to do so. All youth-oriented permissions have been removed from the game, to make it easier for kids to play. In addition, the initial “Safe Mode” option in Roblox was eliminated, allowing kids to play without worry, so that they can learn to make their own games.
The Roblox Kids app itself has been redesigned with the primary goal of making it easier for kids to learn how to code. Roblox Kids is not a toolset or a program, but it does provide examples of how to make games and it allows kids to play Roblox games created by others. Roblox Kids is a companion app that is meant to be used in conjunction with Roblox, allowing users to gain a better understanding of game making within the Roblox environment.

Roblox Kids Cost:
Subscriptions vary in price based on the number of days that a player has been a subscriber of Roblox. Premium subscriptions are required in order to play every game in the children’s section of Roblox, where all playable games are focused on children’s imaginations. Each premium subscription allows children to play the subscription’s assigned number of daily games, and each subscription also allows children to play unlimited games


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If not, what are the different methods to obtain free robux?
Are you a general gamer? Or a gamer of video games and/or Pokemon?

We are gamers here at Roblox, but our views may differ. So, what are your general thoughts on getting robux? If you didn’t want to specify this, feel free to say so.

I just saw this new one that I had not yet tried out, which came out recently I believe. It is on the Black Market on the left column (up), and you click purchase to open the box. You are then able to purchase the Robux that you need, and pick out more by scrolling down to the bottom. It is pretty self-explanatory.

I haven’t heard of a much better way to get Robux, other than the Black Market, and of course, the old way. However, I have seen what I believe to be illegitimate versions of the Black Market that claim to be for the purpose of generating Robux.

There is nothing wrong with the Black Market, you just have to be careful. Just like with other transactions, there are aspects of this that have to be looked at, such as details and using a good antivirus program.

If there is something I’m missing in the Robux system, let me know, and I’ll be glad to hear it.

Hello, I’m new here and sorry if this is a duplicate thread but would be super cool if there were a thread like this. So here goes:

I’m looking for a guide on how I can get free robux, I’m a loyal and subbed player, almost all the time, and have nearly all the Pokemon games.

I have been to a lot of the Roblox forums and haven’t been able to find a clear explanation.

While I do understand that Roblox has done a great job and wouldn’t have all this stuff if it were not for all the hard work, etc., I don’t have any respect at all for those who don’t pay Robux like it’s their job, because it isn’t.

But I do think that there should be an option for those who don’t mind losing a little respect, and they are afraid that they will be doing something wrong when it comes to the


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This is a beta version of the roblox MOD APK without any in-app purchases. You get unlimited energy, money and stats for free. This is the ultimate robloxer’s dream. Now, where’s my AC charger…

You have to have the roblox game (top left) installed first. This modification doesnt require ANYTHING from the games files to work. If you already have a roblox account, you should log in to your account. Once you are logged in, skip step 8. If you don’t have a roblox account,

They thought the mod was floating around on the internet somewhere, so they added this. I thought it was really cool, and I thought you would like it too. But thats why I’m uploading this MOD for the roblox MOD APK. You can click the below pic if you

This app is EMD free and I don’t allow third party ads in this app. I did this for the users of the roblox MOD APK. Downloading the roblox MOD APK is like a brick to my device. I just don’t understand the urge of adding annoying ads to these stupid games. I’ve made my

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This MOD APK changes the display settings so that the roblox app displays the roblox account information. The original ROBLOX app doesn’t have this option. If your ROBLOX is linked to a different account on the the ROBLOX website, you should have your account info.

This can be really useful if you use different accounts for different platforms or the roblox game or accounts. There are some accounts that work this way. If you’re wondering how to change accounts on the roblox game, when you’re creating a new game, you can select

You have to sign into your


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