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By the end of the 1980s, the company’s LaserCAD product had shifted the focus of CAD back to the desktop for the mass market and established the Autodesk brand as synonymous with the desktop CAD industry. In 1990, the company introduced the first mass-marketed family of AutoCAD Windows-based products, and in 1992 it introduced a new entry-level desktop product, AutoCAD LT. AutoCAD has since evolved into the fastest-selling, most widely used desktop CAD program in the world. AutoCAD has been used in a wide range of applications in the design of airports, bridges, office buildings, and ships.

Since its initial release, AutoCAD has included more powerful command-line and scripting languages to allow users to automate their work more quickly, and additional commands and functions have been added to increase the features of the product. As a result, AutoCAD is the world’s most-used, licensed desktop CAD package. In its 2010-11 fiscal year, Autodesk’s AutoCAD sales reached over $1.3 billion, according to Autodesk’s 2010 Annual Report. In the same fiscal year, AutoCAD and the broader Autodesk family of products accounted for over 96% of Autodesk’s revenues.

Autodesk has its headquarters in San Rafael, California, and distributes AutoCAD and related products through its worldwide network of licensees and partners.

Early history

Autodesk was founded by former Hewlett-Packard engineer Bill Varian as a company that would develop computer-aided software for designers. To focus on CAD, Varian left HP in late 1982 and began working on a PC-based version of the Mechanical CAD-92 suite of products from General Dynamics. He was joined by HP engineer Ralph Abraham, and they formed what is now Autodesk. In 1981, Varian and Abraham had discussed the idea of developing a suite of products that could be sold directly to designers and would combine the time-saving features of the HP Desk Calculator with the graphical interface of the HP LaserJet and other contemporary PC graphics hardware.

Early development

The first version of Autodesk’s products, code-named Laser CART, was released in January 1985 and was released as an add-on to the HP LaserJet hardware. In early 1986, Varian left Autodesk, and Abraham took over the company

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Autodesk has also developed some automatic CAD software for creating and editing 3D models on a computer. Autodesk Dynamo allows users to create different types of 3D models using 2D images, and BIMx lets users create 2D and 3D models.

Autodesk also publishes Autodesk Fusion 360 which is a new web based modeling tool, and Autodesk Dimensionality Explorer which allows users to define their own spatial geometric parameters and visual dimensions.

In addition, Autodesk has created the Internet-based My3DVIA website.

Autodesk Viewer and ARCore
Autodesk Viewer is a browser-based 3D viewer for CAD drawings, created by Autodesk. It is embedded into the AutoCAD Cracked 2022 Latest Version platform.

Autodesk Viewer uses the ARCore technology developed by Google. When Autodesk Viewer is installed, it becomes the default 3D viewer for the platform.

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Open the program from folder “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2010”

When you activate the program you will see the following screen.

Autodesk AutoCAD 2010 Setup


Press next button to continue.


What’s New In AutoCAD?

Markup Assist:

Easily create and edit text on drawings, models, and videos.

Markup Clarity:

Easily translate and check foreign-language text.

Markup Coordination:

Integrate features, tables, colors, and text styles with a simple markup toolbar, in the same way you work with other objects.


Your drawing moves faster in AutoCAD. A new dynamic stroke style can change your default drawing style to provide a more transparent surface with less visual distractions.

Document Layer Editing:

Use the Document Layer panel to quickly and easily edit layers without needing to redraw.

Guides and Drafts:

Now you can see guides or draft lines drawn on the fly, and have the option to quickly hide or show them.

Sketch Tools:

Create and edit sketch lines on the fly, and adjust their size, orientation, and color.

Markup and Drawing Speed:

Draw and markup faster, thanks to the new Draw/Markup module. In addition to major enhancements in AutoCAD, you can create animations of your drawings and edit them directly within the drawing.

Sketch Techniques:

Bring sketch lines to life and quickly and easily draw them, using existing AutoCAD drawing techniques. You can also import 3D and CAD file data, add text, and export your drawing to PDF and DWG format, so it’s easier to use in the future.

Dynamic Stroke Style:

New dynamic stroke styles allow you to set the transparency of your strokes.

AutoCAD Integration:

Integrate with many other applications, including Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, Google Earth, and ArcGIS.

Media, Video, and Streams:

The new Streams component gives you greater control over the export and integration of 3D models, as well as video files.


Preview documents in a virtual PDF reader to ensure they will display properly, before printing or sending them out.

Direct Modeling:

You can work with your 3D models directly in the drawing area, and change their size, orientation, and color with your mouse.

Camera Tools:

The Camera component provides you with a high-resolution camera viewport and methods for manipulating

System Requirements:

Supported Windows OS:
MS Edge
MS Chrome 40+
Firefox 38+
Safari 6+
Apple’s newest operating systems (iOS 6.1+ and OS X 10.9+) are not supported and we’ve seen some bizarre errors from users on those platforms. We’ve also received reports of freezing issues on Win10 & Edge, so in those instances, you’re out of luck.
Performance Requirements:
The Standard test uses all of your system’s RAM and CPU resources in an attempt