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Key features of AutoCAD

Geometric drafting

CAD and drafting is a specialized form of 3D modeling. The word “CAD” stands for computer-aided design, and “drafting” is the same concept, but the product line usually also includes plan and section views and other specialized views such as elevations, 3D views, and so on. CAD is used to define 3D objects, which can then be visualized on a computer screen or in a printed plan or section view.

AutoCAD is a complete, standalone 3D CAD package with capabilities beyond those of a typical CAD package. An AutoCAD drawing can include features that have never before been seen in CAD.

In addition to its standard geometric tools, AutoCAD features 2D and 3D surface-mapping, advanced 2D surface-mapping, 3D surface modeling, raytrace, and advanced 3D modeling.

Geometric drafting and animation.

Autodesk 3D Analyst is a full-featured 3D analysis and visualization tool. The 3D Analyst product includes several tools that allow you to analyze a 3D model and visualize it in different ways, then explore the data to answer questions about the model.

Manipulate 3D data.


Move, rotate, and scale 3D objects using two different coordinate systems—object space and paper space.

Convert between CAD file formats and 3D formats.

A full suite of 2D drafting and 3D plotting tools

Freehand drawing

In addition to the standard geometric drafting tools, AutoCAD includes freehand drawing tools. Using freehand drawing, you can draw with the pen tool or enter x/y coordinates for the location of objects or features. These coordinates can then be edited, moved, or adjusted.

There are four types of pen tools: Move, rotate, scale, and mirror. Move, rotate, and scale are similar to the usual geometric drafting tools. The mirror tool works by drawing a mirror image that you can move and rotate.

Catch tool.

The Catch tool is a shortcut to the Freehand drawing tool, where you can draw a straight line.


A CAD package without a drawing engine, AutoCAD has limited functionality. For example, you cannot interact with a model in a similar way to how you would interact with an image in

AutoCAD 2022 24.1 Crack+

In addition to AutoCAD Crack For Windows and Civil 3D, AutoCAD Crack Free Download Architecture and Civil 3D Architecture are released as a “Plus” edition. AutoCAD Architectural Visualizer (AIV) and AutoCAD Civil 3D Architectural Visualizer (AIV3D) are architectural visualization tools released for the Plus edition.

In 2010 Autodesk released AutoCAD Studio, a suite of web-based applications designed to simplify the design process. This product is in fact a web application that is based on the NetBeans platform.

AutoCAD is used for architectural, engineering, surveying, construction, GIS, and interior design, as well as mathematics, CAE, presentation, marketing, publishing, music, etc.

AutoCAD’s software model is class-based, with a 3-D model being composed of objects and their relationships to each other. The most important object type is a “Block”, which is a parent model for the other objects (often also “blocks”) and itself can be subdivided into other “blocks”. Other common object types are “Groups” which are a grouping of blocks, “Tags” which are attributes of the objects, and “Layers” which define the visibility of a part of the model. There are also “Batchs” which collect blocks in a collection, “Pieces” which are parts of the model, “Shapes” which are the graphical representation of objects, and “Dimensions” which are parameters such as dimensions, section, diameter, number, and area.

The user defines the model in a “Drawing” screen. The interface includes familiar windows for selection and placement of objects, properties for text information and object properties, toggles for dynamic creation and manipulation of geometry, and tools for saving and printing the model. In addition, there are a number of specialized tools and menus to assist in the creation, modification, and management of geometry.

New tools were added with the release of AutoCAD 2004. Features include the ability to build models from block elements, the Custom Web Site Builder tool to edit the layout of pages in the web browser, and the ability to modify drawings using the Web Painter tool.

AutoCAD allows users to easily import 3D models from other software packages like LightWave 3D.

In 2000, Autodesk Autocad won

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Revit Inspectors:

Click and drag to highlight issues like wall shadows, power distribution, or heating and cooling loads. Then automatically add and complete relevant Revit tags, such as Outlet and Resistance, and send the feedback into Revit for further review. (video: 7:35 min.)


Make drawing files invisible to help with a distraction-free drawing experience. (video: 1:25 min.)

Revit Inspector 2:

Add lighting to models to highlight electrical connections and other items that need to be inspected. (video: 3:55 min.)

AutoCAD 2023 video walkthrough:

Now you can easily access our AutoCAD videos with a QuickTime™ 7 or later browser plug-in. Or use the built-in Windows™ Media Player for streaming. (video: 7 min.)

AutoCAD on iPad:

Use AutoCAD on the iPad to access your favorite design tools and bring the power of AutoCAD to your fingertips. Plus, customize your AutoCAD experience by accessing and sharing your preferred drawing, raster, and vector views. (video: 4:40 min.)

SketchUp for AutoCAD integration:

Bring your AutoCAD drawings into SketchUp. You can view your CAD drawings in SketchUp viewports and move them around in the viewport. For example, you can place your drawings right on top of each other. (video: 5:54 min.)

Linked Drawing:

You can export a linked drawing and include it in the same drawing file as an AutoCAD drawing. This helps you work faster because you don’t need to edit the linked drawing separately, and you can view the linked drawing in different viewports and view styles. (video: 2:59 min.)

The new design tool is available in AutoCAD LT 2023. You can preview the new tools in the Windows® 7 demo environment on your PC. To learn more about the latest updates, visit

Autodesk Technical Evangelist Lynn Allen guides you through a different AutoCAD feature in every edition of her popular “Circles and Lines” tutorial series. For even more AutoCAD how-to, check out Lynn’s quick tips in the Cadalyst Video Gallery. Subscribe to Cadalyst’s free

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Graphical processing unit with 256 MB VRAM or greater (although, not required).
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