Where The Bears Are – Season 1 Torrent 37 ~UPD~

Where The Bears Are – Season 1 Torrent 37 ~UPD~



Where The Bears Are – Season 1 Torrent 37

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Sync Database Design with Android Application

I’m a beginner in Android app. I’m building a magazine app.
I have a number of database designs.
I build DB1, and DB2 using entity and i need to use DB1 from my APP and DB2 from my DB1.
How do i do that?


I assume by using DB1 and DB2 you mean two different databases. A first database you’ll use to save the data in your app and a second database you’ll use to save the data in the web server.
Usually you need to preconfigure the second database when you publish your app so it can access the web server database. This can be done either by programming your web app to send it’s own configuration file to the app when it starts to access the data in the second database, or you can build your app to automatically configure the second database on first start-up (e.g. your app will first contact the database server to retrieve the config values