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ADT1700 Driver for Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon

I was searching for good tutorials to install my Brother DTL-5040 printer on my Linux Mint 17.3 installation. I got stuck at the point that I needed to download Linux drivers for my HP printer, due to the lack of the mentioned printer in their Linux driver’s list. The Brother website only provides Linux drivers for its older models (ADT1510, ADT1700, ADT1750, ADT2000).
However, as I explained before, I have already downloaded the drivers from Brother’s website. I tried to install the downloaded package using the dpkg -i command, but it didn’t work because this printer has its own package called adt1700-brother-installer-, and I assume it needs to be installed first. Because of this, I cannot install the printer.
Is there a way to open a root console or something similar and install this package manually from the command line? If that’s not possible, is there another

Bitdefender allows the exclusion of specific files, folders or file extensions from scanning. To add any of them to the Exclusions list, follow the steps below.Menu

The last piece. Part I

This is my last piece, so the countdown is over. But I still have more to say, since I still have more to do. As I said, this will be my final entry so I don’t have to relive the process again.

The title of the last piece is “The last piece.” But the last piece wasn’t made this morning, so “the last” doesn’t mean anything. The last piece means the last time I’m ever going to write this blog. The last time I’m ever going to write anything. Ever. I’m so tired of it, and I’m so tired of myself. I’m tired of doing these things. Of thinking, of writing, of trying.

If you look at it from another perspective, I’m tired of life, not of writing. Tired of life. I’m tired of not fitting in. I’m tired of being all the things I feel like, and I’m tired of thinking that I should be something I’m not. I’m tired of being unhappy, and I’m tired of not knowing what to do about it. I’m tired of feeling this way and not being able to change it.

I’m still trying to feel different, but the problem is that there’s no way to feel different because I’m the same person, but in different environments. I’ve been this way all my life. I’m the same person, but my environment has changed.

I’m as different as my environment.

This world is just the same. I’ve always been alone. I’ve always felt like an outsider. I’ve always wanted to fit in but couldn’t. I can’t understand why I feel this way. All I know is that I’m this way, and I’m always going to be. I can’t pretend to be someone I’m not. I’m just a guy with some quirks.

I’m a made-