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I have no idea how to fix this


It’s very annoying, I’ve been waiting for that message for days and days, but I’m not the only one!
Here’s a solution that worked for me:

It was not able to download some files, so I had to manually solve that issue.
I had this problem since I had troubles installing older versions of Python and the adb_usb.exe Windows file that I could not find (although the requirement for Python is just to test that you have Python and to install it later with Pip. I don’t really know the reason for that).
You can download an older version of adb_usb.exe that may help (I have Python 3.7.4, so this may be another problem with older versions of Python).

The problem in our case was the Python 3.7.4 installer, but I’m not sure why exactly it was getting stuck at the same place:

you can fix the problem simply by installing a newer version of Python, especially Python 3.8

On MacOS there is no need to fix the problem, everything will work with Python 3.7.4; and you can get the latest version through: Homebrew:
brew install python3 –with-pip

On Linux, I used the latest available version at this time: 10.0.1-0 (I don’t know if this is the latest version or not); you can check that Python 3.8 is available with:
$ python3 –version
Python 3.8.1

To install Python 3.8: Homebrew:
brew install python –with-pip

Then we have to download and run the adb_usb.exe file to install the USB driver for our phone:

I think that this GitHub repository is something like the main developer of adb_usb. Using the link in the last sentence we get the file called If you don’t use the file provided in the last sentence, you should check the GitHub documentation about how to get the file you need.
We have to unzip this file and run adb_usb.exe; you can find this executable using the git head or the

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