ProlificUsbToSerialDriverWindows7Fix 64bitsDownload

ProlificUsbToSerialDriverWindows7Fix 64bitsDownload



P.S:- I wasn’t able to find a link for the download link. Is there any other way I can download the file?
Is it really possible to download the file via through the list of users?


I don’t think so.. I have created a file with few friends using your name and now I’m getting the same access denied for the file i can’t open.
I am using one of the online chatting services.. but when i uploaded the file it got detected.. but when i click on it.. I wasn’t able to open it.
Moreover.. it seems that many people are trying to access the file.. but i doubt if that will happen from the list of users..
So I have tried to download the file from the site…

That’s the only way I could download it..

I have discussed the issue with the site admin.. I have given him a valid reason that this might happen if his file got detected by many.. but he refused to listen..

I have to request the admin to change the access level for that file.. since my friends are struggling to access it and even the admin is giving them an access denied error..

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