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So let’s say I had to put the output into the input.
The contents of the input file would be:
I am going to run LEWA.
LEWA is an abbreviation.

I want to ask, what would be the easiest way to do this?


I’d do something like this (assuming you can pipe the output through an editor):
for i in $(echo “I am going to run LEWA” | grep -o “[A-z]\+”)
echo “`echo $i | sed’s/./!&/g’` is an abbreviation.”

In this case, the contents of the input is:
I am going to run LEWA is an abbreviation.

and the contents of the output is:
I am going to run LEWA is an abbreviation.
LEWA is an abbreviation.

In this example, we are using grep to capture all unique strings (i.e. “I am going to run LEWA”). Each match is then echoed, one per line. The trick is that we use the!&, which tells grep to continue looping on the same line once it has finished the current match.

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