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My first search was to download and install the drivers from Realtek’s website. The only thing was that the installation didnt work at all. Then I download the XP drivers for the RTL8188CUS 802.11g Wireless Network Adapter which are Windows XP drivers.
When I installed them, the sound card worked for a while. But after I closed my computer the sound kept on turning off randomly. I think the drivers was the cause of the problem.
I’m wondering if you can help me.
Thanks for reading.


You’re good with finding drivers. If Realtek drivers are not giving you any luck, then you’re going to have to go for an alternative. Two good freeware alternatives are WinAmp and Audacity.
My first suggestion would be to download Audacity, which as I am sure you know is an excellent audio recording application, although it has limited editing tools. Once installed, try using it to record your voice in Audacity. If it sounds okay, you can then try converting it into a.mp3, and upload it to your own website to play. If you’re not familiar with converting audio, Audacity probably isn’t for you. If you know the basics of audio, you will find that Audacity takes all the complicated stuff out of recording, and just lets you focus on what you’re recording.
As for WinAmp, I will again say that this is not an audio editing application. It will not be able to edit the audio, but just let you record with no limitations. If you already have a home internet connection, you can then upload the audio via a flash drive. This is where you will need to pay close attention to recording only things you want recorded, or else you will get a large file, and then uploading it from your computer won’t be very simple.
If you really want to use Winamp, it works fine. Just download the latest version, extract the folder from the archive, and then point Winamp to the extracted folder.

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