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PC Tools, is an independent software publisher headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. it was founded in March 1999 by William F. The company is known for creating tools aimed at programmers (including the open source IDEs integrated development environment NetBeans and development support IDE CodeStudio), as well as for producing the CD crack Icons and Themes software and other image creation and editing tools, including the GoLang and The GIMP image manipulation tools.

The company was founded by William “Bill” F. Steinmetz. In February 2008, Bill Steinmetz was named Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of PC Tools, Inc. He stepped down from this position on December 31, 2011.

PC Tools products are free and open-source software (FOSS), and many of their products were initially created using that approach. Additionally, because PC Tools uses a Creative Commons license, its tools are accessible for free, and have been downloaded millions of times by hackers, such as the Zero-Day Initiative.

The company distributes its products, and provides support, to users through a network of distributors. They sell their products through various retailers, including CD-ROM, web download, retailing, OEM and other channels.

Free download of PC Tools software
PCTool.exe – this is the installer utility, which starts the main program.
Trojand – An archive compressed with all needed components, ready to be extracted. The archive is about 2.2 GB, but it’s a lot smaller than most other popular image editors.
The archive contains a ZIP file, a Windows executable file and a folder which contains the images and fonts. The folder is called TrojandTheme.

The ZIP file contains a compressed folder inside the TrojandTheme folder. This folder contains a Grunt task, a Grunt.js script, a Gruntfile.js script and a Grunt plugin. It also contains the images used in the theme, about 4000 PNG files.

PCTool users should be aware of the following when using a trojaned version of PCTool.exe:

The trojan has been created as a

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