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Bukuhariterakhirkartosoewirjopdf_BEST_ Download 💿

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Does any one have a method to solve it. Please help. If you are not sure, if you can re-download the driver, please click on this link to do it.

Sorry If There is Any Problem in This How to repair automatically the USB Driver and USB Interface in your System then Follow the Below Procedure.


step#1 Download FOSCSV for (FOSCSV 1.4.0) from the link.

step#2 Install FOSCSV

step#3 Start your Windows in Safe Mode

step#4 Click on FOSCSV’s icon from desktop, this will open a window like this

like this

step#5 Click on Fix option.

step#6 Click on Repair option

step#7 Click on Scan Now option

like this

step#8 Click on Scan Now.

step#9 Go for another option Scan Now.

step#10 Click on Auto Repair.

step#11 Now your system is repaired.

For any Query you can ask me or You can comment. Sorry For the inconveniences this may cause you.





I have solved the problem with PCUIO, Thank You All For Suggestion and Help.

First of all reboot your PC

turn Off your PC and reset it like Power on,

Open Control Panel and then click on “Device Manager”

In “Device Manager” Expand “Portable Devices”

In “Portable Devices” click on “Portable Devices”

In “Portable Devices” Right Click on “Portable Devices” and then click on “Uninstall”

Click on “Yes” at the dialog box.

Restart your PC

In “Device Manager” Expand “Portable Devices” and uninstall USB driver and LPT1.

Thank you.

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