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Add Comments to the output of F# Interactive

I’ve switched over to F# and get a bit annoyed because, rather than allowing me to add comments to the output of fsi, I’m just given a newline.
How do I add comments to the output of fsi?


To do this you have to download and install the F# Power Tools, which includes a node module for F# Interactive, as well as a nuget package that adds it to the F# Power Tools tools packages.
The easiest way to install is to download the FSharp Interactive Tools and dependencies from the NuGet package manager:
# Install-Package Microsoft.FSharp.Interactive.Shell

It’s also easy to select “Install command line only” if you’re looking for a single package. This is only really worth doing if you’re going to use the Interactive Tools only occasionally.
Once you have the F# Interactive Tools installed, you can use the command-line to run fsi:
> fsi


It depends on the version. If you are using fsi as build scripts (like start-up scripts etc.) it will automatically inject –quiet or –verbose into your script. This will suppress the logging from the output.
For visual studio the version will have the –quiet flag set and hidden in the Output menu.


Here’s one way to make it a bit friend

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