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AVS Video Editor Crack Setup Free

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Firing multiple function at one time, if you have two mouse buttons

This is quite a difficult question for me to explain, so I’ll just copy-paste the code and you can run it if you like.
The idea is this: you’re playing this game called 8Ball and your goal is to defeat all the balls by clicking and dragging them in the white area of the screen.
This works fine, and I have added an option where if you press the left mouse button once, the ball will be fired. However if you press it again, the ball will be fired twice. If you press it a third time, then it will be fired 3 times, and so on.
The problem is, I would like the “Fire 1” button to fire three times if you press it, but the “Fire 2” button to fire just once if you press it.
I think it has something to do with how the event is created, but I’m not sure.

The input is really simple:
var ui_play = document.querySelector(‘#play’);
var ui_clear = document.querySelector(‘#clear’);
var left_mouse_button = 1;
var right_mouse_button = 0;

ui_play.addEventListener(‘click’, function() {
game_on = true;

ui_clear.addEventListener(‘click’, function() {
game_on = false;


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