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MARX: My Favorite Mix . Shell Shock Screen

Rhett: I had to use the patch from our Facebook page out of necessity yesterday.
Or buy a bargain gun and try to hunt for a good one.

I still would most likely choose the colt.357 over the 22lr over a.223
What are your thoughts?

Since you say it was a “fun” gun, how were you able to reload? Did you just leave the casing in the magazine and pull the.357 out and dump it into your gun? That way the gun is never empty and the clip is never ejected.
I have a.45ACP and a G36C which are smaller than the R12. I think the G36C is actually my favorite, but it doesn’t have the crisp trigger pull like the R12.
Tell me what you think of my new guns, or post up a video of the first 5 shot rotation.

I’m sure that the only problem you had was not the gun itself, but the method you use to load the gun. You were able to shoot without the mag, so it must have been pretty easy. Remember that you can do this with any gun, but since you loaded it, the gun was lucky. Good luck with the Gun if you end up buying the.357.
I find it a bit funny that you post a link to info on “The “no mag” method” without mentioning that you ended up loading by pulling your pistol out of the magazine and dumping the magazine into the chamber.

.357 LUGER -þ” as primary carry gun”
Well, I would like to get one first of all.

I was thinking a used Colt P-35. They look pretty good to me, and I don’t think I need one.

I have been looking at.25, and the Kimber Stainless Steel. Has a nice feel to it.

I think I will probably have to look into a spent case loader myself.

I used to have a Ruger.38. I loved that gun, and I still have it.

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