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How to use only 1 http URL in logstash to log to elasticsearch?

I want to use logstash in the same machine as elastic search. I can successfully use 2 urls in logstash but I want to use only one http URL to log to elastic search. What should I do?


If you are using a Docker container, you can use the logstash_output setting on the Dockerfile to use a single environment variable.
This is described in the docs here.
If you are trying to do it yourself, you can change the http_url setting to point to a single URL, and then point logstash_output to elasticsearch_http. This is a change that will require you to configure the output plugin on your Logstash instance to use this new name.


Hash: Matching Specific, and not ALL

I’ve got a hash:
{{1 => “blue”, 2 => “black”, 3 => “yellow”, 4 => “green”},
{1 => “blue”, 2 => “black”, 3 => “red”, 4 => “green”, 5 => “white”}

I want to, for example, search by color, but not all.
For example, 5 is white, but not the others.
So, I’m thinking a lamdba of a hash somehow, some way…


You can use a case statement inside a hash.
Here’s an example:
{{1 => “blue”, 2 => “black”, 3 => “yellow”, 4 => “green”},


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Can I profile a loop in PHP?

Is it possible to programatically profile a loop in PHP?
I’d like to optimise a loop and get some statistics so as to improve the loop (e.g. average execution time, speed-ups).
I realise this is a very basic question, but can’t find anything in the docs or online.


You can run your function as a script from the command line and use the top command to see where the CPU is. It is also possible to do some Google search to find the answer.

You could use the Xdebug extension to see the execution time for individual steps in the code in a breakpoint.

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