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Catherine, a young American, lives and works in London.

To travel, she took the Tube (the equivalent of the underground).

Not much to set this up in one paragraph, but that’s how
I’ve come to write this, and once I started, there wasn’t any stopping.

I tell you more, as one of the first FAQ’s I create upon starting to post here.

Some of the more common questions in the first few days include: “I’m too old to start posting here”, “I’m too young to post here”, “I’m not sure what the rules are”, “My spelling needs work”, “I don’t know where to post a novel”, “Where is the best place to post a novel”, “This forum is full of xxxx and I don’t want to be like them”, “I don’t want to offend people here”, “I don’t want to attack people here”, and, probably the most common, “Can I still be a member here even though I’m not a native English speaker?”.

It’s funny because, when I started, even within just a few minutes here, some of these questions were already being asked.

My answer to those, as well as more that are no doubt to be asked is this: If you still want to post here, why not. At some point, most of us began posting here because we wanted to. We found a community that respected our efforts and appreciated us. We found a community that, in many ways, was like family.

Most importantly, we found a community that, even when we didn’t agree, we could not only respect, but love.

It’s not a place to be perfect. If it was, it would be too easy. It’s a place to be honest about who you are, because this is who you are. No one’s more likely to write a novel that you are, or another writer than the next. No one’s more likely to post a short story than the next. What you post here comes from you, because it does not have the constraints of style, grammar, punctuation, or any of those artificial marks that tell the computer what to do, it allows the human mind to write a work of literature, or poetry, or prose.

It’s not a place to write a novel. No more than it is to play cricket, or play a cello, or play on a basketball team


You don’t need codebase, because in your example it does not work.
You should use something like this (untested):

To match:

{Environment} matches everything inside of square brackets and curly braces.
You should check if variable matches in file using regex:
if (preg_match(“~{Environment}~i”, $current_path)) {


About Me

Tuesday, February 5, 2012

Thank you all for checking in on me! I have been very busy these days. When I wasn’t working I was hanging out with family, eating chocolate ice cream and watching Lady Gaga videos. And also I bought a stripper pole. I was still looking for my perfect bikini so I thought this would be a great way to get in shape and check out my stripper skills (okay, nothing’s better than getting naked out in the great outdoors and letting the wind and hot sunshine make my body a mess, but still.) I felt like a real power woman in my tan bikini, and I’m really glad I wore it while shopping.

I also decided to renew my driver’s license, so it was a real pleasure driving around the neighborhood with my new plates, and I am indeed eligible to vote in the next election! Hooray!

I love that picture, especially when you see my face in the reflection on the rear view mirror! Oh, people of South Dakota, don’t take my new bikini for granted. I’m still hoping that the sun will start shining again soon!var baseToString = require(‘../internal/baseToString’);

/* Native method references for those with the same name as other `lodash` methods. */
var nativeMin = Math.min;

* Checks if `string` starts with the given target string.
* @static
* @memberOf _
* @category String
* @param {string} [string=”] The string to search.
* @param {string} [target] The string to search for.
* @param {number} [position=0] The position to search from.